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FiNet’s prepaid program provides a customizable and secure solution that is not only fast and flexible, but meets the needs of your current customers and provides a chance at growing your core business. Prepaid cards are an attractive solution for a variety of customer types. Business customers use prepaid cards for payroll and bonuses, incentive programs, sales promotions and corporate gifts. Individuals use prepaid cards as gifts, an alternative to carrying traveler’s checks or even as a replacement for carrying cash.

Adding prepaid cards to your product line creates a new revenue stream, provides your customers with an expanded selection of services and reinforces your brand, all without a costly or time-consuming investment in infrastructure.

Your program will be up and running in as little as 21 days.

A simple web-based platform makes it simple to order plastics, activate and reload cards, manage inventory and reconcile accounts from any computer with internet access.

Your logo will appear prominently on each card along with your choice of design

Our pricing model allows you flexibility in establishing pricing for your services.

Live webinar training is built right into the implementation process and ongoing assistance is available via phone and email. Additionally, other training and implemenation resource are available on demand.









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