Notice: Verifone VX520 Software Issue

VX520 terminals that that have not applied a software update may be unable to process payments.

What is the issue?

A security certificate in Verifone VX Series terminals reached its expiration date on June 25, 2019. Verifone issued a software update to renew the certificate, but not all terminals were capable of downloading it automatically. These terminals needed to be updated manually before the expiration date to prevent issues. Those not updated may become inoperable.

What happens if I didn't update?

At first, probably nothing.

However, when your terminal experiences any kind of system change – loss of power, system restart or possibly even certain operations within the application – it will force the machine into a “boot loop”. This means the terminal will continue to restart itself over and over again and will obviously be nonfunctional.

Does this affect only FiNet merchants?

No. This is a nationwide issue affecting all Verifone VX Series terminals, regardless of the processor or service provider.

Step 1: If the terminal is in a boot loop

If your terminal is stuck in a reboot cycle, proceed directly to the Boot Loop Instructions below then onto the Software Update. If it is not, move to Step 2.

Step 2: Try to prompt the boot loop

If your terminal is not rebooting constantly, it just may not yet have encountered the conditions that would initiate the boot loop.

  1. Check the time and date set in the terminal to confirm it is after 11:20 PM EDT on 6/25 (terminal date and time could be incorrect)
  2. Power cycle the terminal (unplug terminal, wait 30 seconds and reconnect the terminal)
  3. If the terminal starts the boot loop, skip to the Boot Loop instructions below and then the Software Installation Instructions
  4. If the terminal does not start the boot cycle, your terminal is up-to-date and no further action is necessary

Step-by-Step: Use ONLY if your VX520 is continually rebooting

Step 1. Remove the cover from the back of your device and unplug the power cord.

Step 2. Plug the power cord in again, then hold Enter and 7 together to display the password entry screen.

Step 3. Key in the password: Press 1, Alpha, Alpha, 6, 6, 8, 3, 1, and then press the green Enter key.

Note: Asterisks appear on the screen as the password is keyed in. However, pressing the Alpha key does not add an asterisk.

Step 4. Press 1 to select Edit Parameters.

Step 5. Press 1 for Group ID, and then press the green Enter key.

Step 6. Key in the password: Press 1, Alpha, Alpha, 6, 6, 8, 3, 1, and then press the green Enter key.

Step 7. The Terminal Mgr Edit G1 CONNFIG.SYS displays, press the green Enter key.

Step 8. Add the parameter *DHEAP:

  1. Press 1 to select New.
  2. Press * and then an * displays.
  3. Press 3, Alpha and then *D displays.
  4. Press 4, Alpha, Alpha and then *DH displays.
  5. Press 3, Alpha, Alpha and then *DHE displays.
  6. Press 2, Alpha and then *DHEA displays.
  7. Press 7, Alpha and then *DHEAP displays.
  8. Press the green Enter key.

Step 9. Press 0 for the value, and then press the green Enter key to save the new parameter.

Step 10. Add the parameter #CZE:

  1. Press 1 to select New.
  2. Press # and then an # displays.
  3. Press 2, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha and then #C displays.
  4. Press 1, Alpha, Alpha and then #CZ displays.
  5. Press 3, Alpha, Alpha and then #CZE displays.
  6. Press the green Enter key.

Step 11. Press 1 for the value, and then press the green Enter key to save the new parameter.

Step 12. Press the red Cancel key.

Step 13. Press 3 to select Restart.

The terminal will power cycle and then display the application menu. For example:

Next step: To prevent the reboot issue from recurring, follow the Software Update Instructions

Download Instructions

Video: Use ONLY if your VX520 is continually rebooting

Next step: To prevent the reboot issue from recurring, follow the Software Update Instructions

Step-by-Step: Use to apply software update

Step 1. Print Reports and Settle the batch if needed.

  1. From the main screen (sale/settlement/void) press the gray button next to the Settle Option (F3).
  2. The terminal will prompt you to confirm the settlement amount.  Press Enter to continue.
  3. The terminal may prompt you to confirm refund or credit amount.  Press Enter to Complete.
  4. From the main screen (sale/settlement/void) press the far right purple key to bring up “Reports Menu”
  5. Press F3 for “Detail Report” which will automatically print this report.

Step 2. From the sale menu, press * to display the application option screen. For Example:

Step 3. Press 9 to display EMA update options.

Step 4. Press the leftmost purple button to select More.

Step 5. Press F2 to select Settings.

Step 6. Key in the password: Press 1, 6, 6, 8, 3, 1, and then press the green Enter key.


If the password is not accepted, press F2, and then press 1, Alpha, Alpha, 6,6, 8,3,1 and the green Enter key.

Step 7. Press F3 to select VC Profile.

Step 8. Press F2, F2, to select Comm Type.

Step 9. Verify the Comm Type displays the correct value:

  • Internet connections should display IP.
  • Phone line connections should display Dial.

Step 10. If the Comm Type is invalid, follow the procedure to change it:

  1. Press F3 to select Edit.
  2. IF DIAL
    1. Press F2 to change to Dial for a phone line
    2. Continue to hit next until you see Upd Chk Phone
    3. Select Edit
    4. Enter in 1-888-654-1696
    5. Hit Enter
    6. Continue to hit next until Update phone
    7. Select Edit
    8. Enter in 1-888-654-1696
    9. Hit Enter
    10. Select Exit
    11. OK to save changes
  3. IF IP
    1. IP for an internet connection.
  4. Press F3 to select Slct.
  5. Press F4 to select Exit.
  6. Press F2 to select OK.

Step 11. Press F4 to select Exit.

Step 12. Press the red Cancel key to exit the settings options.

Press 13. Press F3 to select Update Now.

When the update is successful, an Estate Management Update Check Summary Report prints: TERMINAL IS UP-TO-DATE.

Next step: To start processing sales, press F3 to access the SoftPay/Payments/Credit/Debit/EMV home screen.

Download Instructions

What may cause these instructions to fail?

In most cases, the terminals that fail to update properly tend to be those still connecting over dial-up, particularly those using a digital phone line as opposed to analog. Additionally, those with a static IP address have experienced some issues.

Our customer service team has more detailed methods to correct these problems.

How do I get additional assistance?

Contact the FiNet customer service department at 800.487.5577.