With over twenty-five years in the credit card industry, Rick’s experiences have ranged from managing the merchant services department of several of Society Bank’s (Key Bank) largest Ohio markets to being owner and president of his own merchant services sales organizations, Retail Systems Consulting, Community Card Services and now FiNet, Inc. In addition, Rick was the General Manager & Senior Vice President of the Financial Institutions Group of Sage Payment Solutions and Vice President at NOVA Information Systems, overseeing its national Community Bank sales channel. Rick received his degree in Advertising & Public Relations from Youngstown State University.

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Entering the credit card industry in 1997, Laura’s primary concentration has been on the development and implementation of referral and agent bank programs at Retail Systems Consulting and as co-owner of Community Card Services.  Laura has also served as Vice President of the Financial Institutions Group of Sage Payment Solutions and was employed by NOVA Information Systems as the Midwestern Regional Sales Manager for the Community Bank Channel.

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Mike develops marketing materials and strategies in support of the referral and agent programs, merchant sales efforts and partner institutions’ merchant services programs.  Mike entered the payment industry as Marketing Coordinator with Community Card Services in 2006 and maintained that position with the Financial Institutions Group of Sage Payment Solutions. Previously, he spent five years in the marketing and client services departments of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers Minor League Baseball Club.  Mike received his degree in Marketing Management from Youngstown State University.

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Michelle manages FiNet's customer service team, ensuring each merchant and financial institution partner receives the necessary instruction and support to maximize the efficiency of their program. She joined Community Card Services as a Customer Service Representative in 2005 and continued in that role with Sage Payment Solutions. Michelle has spent the last several years as a Project Manager within FiNet's customer service department. Previously, she worked in the commercial loan department of Mahoning Bank and as an auditor for Dillard's. Michelle attended Youngstown State University.

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