Checks remain a preferred method of non-cash payment by today's consumer, but the rising cost of processing and the risk of returns continue to be a factor in check acceptance.

FiNet's eGold Check Guarantee Service eliminates returned checks and bank NSF fees, allowing you to accommodate your customers' desire to pay by check but providing payment security similar to credit cards. As long as the check acceptance and customer identification requirements are fulfilled, the payment is funded, even if it turns out to be a bad check. This guaranteed electronic check conversion program is easy to use and provides 48 hour funding of checks.


A customer's paper check is run through a check reader or imager and the amount of the sale is entered into the terminal. When the transaction is approved, an authorization receipt will print for the customer to sign. The check is automatically stamped as ACH APPROVED and can be given, along with a copy of the receipt, back to the customer for his or her records. You are funded within 48 hours.

FiNet's Virtual Terminal provides a web-based solution that processes electronic check payments. Transactions can be entered either by customers through the internet using a shopping cart or by you through the Virtual Terminal interface. Additionally, if you have customers that purchase goods on a regular basis, a recurring billing can be set up in the Virtual Terminal, eliminating invoicing and trips to the bank.









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