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According to the American Medical Association, almost half of all receivables associated with patient liability go uncollected. Patients often cite inefficiencies in billing practices and confusion regarding healthcare coverage as primary reasons for lack of payment. As more and more payment responsibility shifts to patients, the implications for medical practices become more dire.

ClearGage , through a partnership with FiNet, provides a web-based software solution designed to calculate, process and collect patients' payments quickly and cost-effectively. The application is HIPPA and PCI compliant and designed to simplify and accelerate the revenue cycle process. It contains everything necessary to calculate a patient's out-of-pocket costs, secure payment information, schedule payments and automate recurring payment plans.

Healthcare providers using ClearGage experience higher conversion rates, increased cash flow and a dependable revenue stream. They do so while providing their patients with the opportun ity to receive the care they want and need with patient-friendy payment terms and no credit checks or applications.



The ClearGage Payment Accelerator significantly reduces the time between when services are rendered and when payment is received. Plus, it minimizes the guesswork in determining a patient's liability. Payments will be typically be deposited into a healthcare provider's account in as little as 24-48 hours.

The ClearGage Payment Accelerator eliminates a patient's surprise of receiving an invoice from a provider months after receiving care. It provides accurate and clear cost estimates provided at the point-of-care and allows the provider and patient to establish payment agreements up front.

Healthcare providers will reduce the time and expense associated with physical invoices, pursuing delinquent accounts, processing "paper" payments, reconciling bank statements and making deposits, all while increasing the number of payments they collect from patients.

Offering automated Patient Payment Plans can improve collection rates, help ensure compliance and assure the regular receipt of patient payments in a timely manner. The ClearGage program allows healthcare providers to provide patients with more flexible payment options, increases patient acceptance of both recommended and elective treatments and gives the option to charge patients a one-time plan set up fee and/or service fee per transaction to cover the cost of administering the program.








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