Build your customer base, create name recognition, reinforce your brand and provide yet another service and payment option for your customers! Gift & Loyalty Cards are in high demand in the marketplace and FiNet is pleased to offer a competitive, turnkey Gift & Loyalty Card program. FiNet’s custom four-color card solution supports several program types to provide your customers with the ultimate in flexibility!


Replaces the traditional paper based gift certificate. The card may be used multiple times until the original balance is depleted. An additional value may be placed on the card at any time.

Offers a flexible method for retailers to reward their customers while simultaneously providing information related to their buying habits. In addition, the multi-card function is a unique offering designed to integrate multiple program types onto a single card. One card maintains balances for multiple programs concurrently.

  Already processing Gift Cards? Not a problem! FiNet will convert existing cards from other providers and import gift cards with or without balances. Best of all, FiNet will convert up to 1,000 cards at absolutley no cost to you.  








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