Increased Sales: Credit card customers tend to spend two and a half times more than cash customers, purchase larger ticket items and are more likely to make impulse purchases. Additionally, studies show that the mere presence of the MasterCard and Visa logos at the point of sale increased cash sales by almost 30%.

Convenience: Accepting credit cards allows your customers the choice of payment. Plus you'll have the ability to reach previously untapped customer pools, including internet, catalog and telephone purchases.

Credibility: Studies show that customers feel more confident purchasing from a company that accepts credit cards than from one that does not.

Speed, Efficiency & Safety: A streamlined checkout process means shorter lines for customers and fewer mistakes in handling cash. Plus credit card usage provides an accurate log of sales and reduces the risk of theft or employee pilfering.

Credit card processing has become a commodity that merchants can get anywhere. What separates FiNet from the pack is that we are a personalized, hands-on company. With access to the largest processors in the country, we will ensure that your business or organization will have the opportunity to secure the processing option and ancillary products that work best for you. And we'll stand behind our product with an unprecedented level of customer service.

Save Money: FiNet offers competitive rates with a free review and cost analysis. Plus we won't start tacking on the extra fees like other companies. We'll do whatever we can to save you money, including reprogramming your existing equipment whenever possible.

Customer Service: FiNet is satisfied with nothing less than the highest level of friendly, prompt "first-name basis" customer service within the payment processing industry. Our service team is located in-house with live representatives answering the phone. During off-hours, 24 hour support is also available.

A Network of Solutions: Unlike many of our competitors, FiNet doesn't believe in a "one size fits all" processing solution. Every business is different and has different needs. FiNet is dedicated to providing the solution that meets those needs and help your business to grow. Whether setting up recurring billing, working with seasonal merchants or creating customized ancillary programs like gift and loyalty cards, FiNet is ready and able to assist your business in building the processing solution that works best for you.










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