The Virtual Terminal allows you to accept payments the easy way! Credit card and ACH (electronic check) payments can be processed over the internet at the point-of-sale, in the back office, at home or on the road. The Virtual Terminal solution includes a fully integrated merchant account, customer support, online reporting and training as well as the added convenience of 24/7 access from any Internet enabled PC. E-Commerce merchants also get a free shopping cart and product management tools.


If you serve a customer base that is billed regularly, you can process credit cards and deposit checks more quickly and easily with the Virtual Terminal. Your customers can pre-arrange to automatically make payments directly from their bank account or credit card. The exact payment is made directly to your account - on time, every time.

If you are a MOTO business, you do not need a physical terminal (it’s just an unnecessary expense). The Virtual Terminal handles all your processing needs with the added convenience of 24/7 access. You'll get one time and recurring payment processing, auto close (or batch close notifications to prevent penalty fees), sales reports and immediate response for quick customer approvals.

With the addition of a swiper, use the Virtual Terminal to accept payments at the point-of-sale to avoid hand-keyed rates.

One of the most difficult parts of opening an online business is integrating the payment process. With FiNet, you get a fully integrated merchant account, Virtual Terminal, shopping cart and product management tools all in one place. The system even creates “cut & paste” links for easy “buy button” web site integration.

You can skip the hassle of making trips to the bank to deposit checks. Electronic check payment data is entered directly at the time of purchase and sent to the Automated Clearinghouse for funds transfer. Processing rates are lower than credit cards and internet fraud is minimized through real-time customer identification. Best of all, customers do not need to “register” to use this payment option.

  The Virtual Terminal is safe to use because data is not stored on your computer. FiNet and its partners take security very seriously and are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant according to Visa/MasterCard data security standards. The Virtual Terminal offers additional fraud and risk prevention features like AVS, CVV and CVV2 and a staff of risk specialists monitoring transactions to protect you from chargeback exposures.  








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